Monday, September 25, 2006

Film Review: Clerks 2 (2006)

The original 'Clerks' was released in 1994 and became a cult hit. Based partly on director Kevin Smith's own experience in woking in a video rental store, it explored the mediocre lives of a group of hangers on, working in, or hanging around the store. The film hinged on the conversations with the characters within, including many pop culture references, in amongst the crass and potentially offensive humour.

And so on to the sequel, which updates the lives of the characters who are now in their thirties, and working in, or hanging around Mooby's, a fast food joint. The humour is much the same as in the original, and that is fine if you are a fan of that film. If not, then you may not see the point of the film. 'Empire' magazine raved about the film, and promised much laughter. Jonathan Ross reviewed the film, and hates it, and everything that Kevin Smith has ever done. Both take the extreme and I fall somewhere in the middle. The film tries too hard to offend, especially if you are a Christian fundamentalist, or an animal rights campaigner (the film's most distasteful scene involving "animal erotica"), and becomes almost boring as a result. There are a few bright spots, mostly concerning new character Elias, a young, innocent 'Christian' staff member, who goes to length to tell others how God says it is okay to like the 'Transformers', and a debate over which is 'the' trilogy, the 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Star Wars', resulting in a customer throwing up, such is his intense passion for what he believes, that "only one ring shall rule them all". It is difficult to convey the humour in a few soundbites, but you will already know if you will like the film or not by your opinion of the original. There is more plot in this one, and an attempt at a love story if you can believe that (though the romance is highlighted against the backdrop of the already mentioned 'animal erotica'), and is slightly mawkish. Jonathan Ross was too harsh in his review of the film, but he isn't really a reliable film critic anyway (his overbearing love of all things Adam Sandler, is disturbingly near sighted), and the normally reliable 'Empire' do occasionally make mistakes (who can forget their four star 'Pearl Harbour' review). Make your own mind up, as this is guaranteed to be a love it or hate it Marmite movie.

In my opinion however.....

Review Score: 5/10


Blogger Hiding Pup said...

5/10??? Change this at once... The humour's not at all the same as Clerks I - for the simple reason that Dante and Randall are a decade older. And therein lies the rub... The style of jokes may be similar but, in the sequel, there tinged with more than a little desperation, a desperation that quickly becomes the main concern of the film. Meanwhile, Jay and Silent Bob ('the improved' but exactly the same Jay and Silent Bob) become a touchstone of or conduit to the first movie, reminding us at once how little and how far Randall and Dante have moved from their earlier selves.

A sometimes flawed but nevertheless profound and entertaining insight into the human condition. 8.7/10

So say we all!

2:50 am  
Blogger Hiding Pup said...

Oh, and I mean 'they're' rather than 'there'. Late. Sleepy.

2:52 am  
Blogger filmbuff said...

Fair comments, but the film seemed more desperate to make its points also - a lot of the humour fell flat for me, and it could have been done in a more subtle way. That's my view anyway. x

11:51 am  

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